About Us – My Skilled Mate

About Us

our Story Began with a stark Realization

To be honest, there are scores of such marketplaces where Kiwis can find professionals who can do the jobs they need. BUT, every portal caters to a niche market. So, if you need a plumber, you access one portal, and a totally different one if you need a mobile app. That’s plain frustrating.So, we decided to do something about it. We went ahead and created My Skilled Mate so that you can get everything done right here, in one place.

How we See it Going

We’re here to mark the start of an ecosystem of service seekers and service of all kinds. As it makes the lives of the consumers simpler & easier, it will also fortify NZ’s economy by opening opportunities to a multitude of service providers. As we see it, this platform is headed to make a substantial difference in promoting general wellbeing by allowing providers to earn well and consumers to focus on their life priorities.

All Services Right Here

Unlike any other platform in NZ, My Skilled Mate offers to connect professionals with clients for just about any job they need. No more switching to different market-specific portals.

Authentic Providers

Clients can trust us because we do not feature just about any mate. When we register professionals, we use the best screening procedure to ensure authenticity.

Fully Secure

Our website complies to all data privacy protocols & regulations to ensure that your information and transactions remain secure with us. This is extremely important when you use a marketplace like ours.

New Zealand Owned & Operated

At My Skilled Mate, we understand your needs and we have the eye for the talent that offers value in the market. We’re here to bridge the gap between requirements and talent.